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Bandera Road Community Church

Bandera MapWe’re about 30 hours away from our event with Bandera Road Community Church this weekend, and the whole team is excited. Nathan is flying into San Antonio today, where he’ll be met by Shelton Green, who’ll be lending his considerable talents to Trade as One this weekend.

We’ve had top-notch help from Kelly Schuetz, who has been running the show on Bandera’s end. She’s interning for the summer, and was tasked with the job of bringing fair trade to their 4,000 member congregation! And to think some interns spend their summers making copies. Luckily, she’s been up to the task and it should be a great event.

The teaching pastor for the weekend is Doug Robins, and he’ll be teaching about the Biblical mandate to treat workers fairly. He’ll then interview Nathan about fair trade, trade as one, and how all of us can use our spending power to make the world a bit more fair. We can’t wait for the event to start.

Two more things. First, as I mentioned yesterday, the weather looks like it will venture into triple-digit territory. Yikes. Second, if you’re anywhere near San Antonio this weekend, come out and see us!

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