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Let Us Gift Wrap For You

We are very excited to be rolling out a NEW feature at Trade as One – Gift Packaging! This is just in time for Mother’s Day and we wanted you to see how it works.

During the checkout process, you will get to choose whether or not you want Gift Packaging. Let’s say that you do for the purpose of this post!

We get your order, notice that you’re sending a gift and we dance around the warehouse. Specifically, Kathy dances around the warehouse because she loves to wrap your gifts for you! Honestly, she is going to make you look like a rock star! Here’s what happens next…

She carefully gets everything in the right size box and wraps it with care, removing all price tags:


She then steps back and thinks about your gift recipient opening the gifts you’ve carefully chosen
There is a good chance someone else from our team will also come admire the package too!
Note the special handwritten gift tag! And, the ribbon is made of strips of FAIR TRADE SARI RIBBON – how cool is that? So, each piece of ribbon is completely unique.


The gift tag says:
You’re receiving this gift because someone who cares about you knew you’d appreciate a gift that is changing lives around the world.

On the reverse side, it tells your gift recipient a bit about Trade as One:
Trade as One’s mission is to use fair trade to promote sustainable business and breaks cycles of poverty and dependency in the developing world. Fair trade seeks to transform the lives of poor producers in the developing world by enabling them to use their skills and resources to work their way of poverty. Trade as One is passionate about helping people use their spending to address 3 crises: human slavery, the HIV/AIDS pandemic and extreme poverty. For more information, visit

Then, the package is carefully boxed up for shipping.


All of this service for just $3.99
. As a person who lives far away from many friends and all of my family, I do a lot of online shopping/shipping. Often, I guiltily skip the ‘gift wrap’ option because it is super expensive and I just cannot tell what the package will actually look like but I feel badly knowing that I am sending a gift that is going to be a jumbled mess of things that won’t be very exciting to open. So, it was a real commitment of ours to be able to offer you something special, that reflects on you well and won’t break the bank. Believe me, your mom will thank you.

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