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State Department: Recession leads to increase in human trafficking

imageYesterday morning Secretary of State Hilary Clinton released the annual Trafficking in Persons Report (read analysis and summary here, or the full remarks here.)

“A striking global demand for labor and a growing supply of workers willing to take ever greater risks for economic opportunities seem a recipe for increased forced labor cases of migrant workers and women in prostitution,”

It’s a grim reminder for all us here at Trade as One that so many people in our world are facing this crisis with no safety net, forced to make decisions that we can’t even comprehend. We couldn’t help but notice so many of our producer countries on the watch list or blacklist, like Cambodia, India, Pakistan, and The Philippines.

News like this strengthens our resolve to work as hard as we can to make sure that you have every opportunity to fight poverty with your purchases. Let’s not forget that this recession is global, and that its consequences multiply in the developing world.

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