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Change for Good: Making justice a habit.


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Change for Good

Change for Good is a fair trade food subscription program that gives you a simple, regular way to ensure that a portion of your normal spending on food is redirected to a tasty assortment of fairly traded foods delivered right to your door on a seasonal basis (4 deliveries a year).

Change for Good

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Helping you to make justice a habit, Change for Good is simple {and delicious}.

Change for Good is a subscription food delivery program that sends a box full of a varied assortment of consumables from Trade as One to your doorstep seasonally (every 3 months). Each box costs $99 and includes 12-15 products, plus recipes, producer stories and exclusive offers and samples only for Change for Good participants.

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Every season will be different- you’ll get superb quality chocolate, rice, olive oil, sugar, quinoa, cherries, tea, salsa and dip mixes, herbs, and lots more goodies to eat, plus a few other everyday consumables like hand soap and travel size shampoos. Need gluten free? No problem. You can opt out of that. We won’t include coffee in the Change for Good delivery- but if you want to taste a variety of delicious fair trade coffees then the Change for Good Coffee Club (see below) is just the ticket!

We hope part of the fun for you will be trying new products and discovering fair trade alternatives for products you already use regularly. You will get to know the stories of the people behind the products that you receive. You will broaden your understanding of how we can use our everyday needs to be a blessing and source of hope to people on the other side of the world. Fair trade products are all produced by people living in poor and marginalized situations, but who are being treated fairly, sustainably and with dignity through the selling of their crops or products. We think that Change for Good is a change that will be good for you, as well as for the producers of each and every product you’ll receive. So, make justice a habit and commit to making a change for good!

Change for Good + Coffee Club

For the coffee-lovers out there we are offering the addition of 2 bags of coffee beans to each seasonal shipment. You’ll get one bag of Trade as One’s signature ‘peace blend’ each time, as well as a bag of a seasonal specialty coffee exclusively available to Change for Good Coffee Club subscribers. You’ll get to enjoy a variety of delicious coffees as the seasons roll by. You can request decaffeinated if you prefer.

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