We’re all about taking practical steps that have an impact on the poor.

A core part of our mission is to equip churches to teach their people to use their everyday, regular purchasing to change lives in the developing world.

Through weekend experiences, ongoing engagement, and our small group curriculum, we've worked with churches all over the country to create effective Compassion and Justice initiatives that are both practical for us in America, and effective in the developing world. It's what can happen when we see our purchasing, not solely our giving, as a Kingdom issue. People in churches from California to New Hampshire are buying things they were going to buy anyway, like chocolate, olive oil, soaps, bags, and gifts - but buying them in a way that brings Good News.

How We Parter With Churches

We work with church leadership to provide ideas and support to raise awareness and engage the entire church in practical ways. It looks a little different at every church, and we love getting creative to meet each church’s needs.

Want to learn more? Please contact us to start the conversation, and check out our Church Partnership Overview for more info.