At your service.

We’re diverse, we’re dedicated, we’re experienced, we’re in love (with the idea of a business that brings people together and makes the world look more like the one we think will one day arrive).

Some of us are from the United States. Some of us are from the United Kingdom. All of us believe in not accepting the status quo and that everyone would rather see good come from their spending than bad.


Leadership: Nathan George is a business development specialist, amateur theologian and a bad but improving surfer. He believes that all of life's big questions are answered with theology. He loves "The Matrix," the ocean, his dog Ollie (despite his faults), his business, and his beautiful family.


Purchasing & Customer Service: Catherine George worked for over a decade in the healthcare industry, which she left high and dry to become an agent for a fair trade supplier in the U.K. These days she juggles product purchasing, customer service, and raising three surf-obsessed boys in Santa Cruz.


Technology: Leo is Trade as One's resident tech genius. Despite his vast expertise, he sometimes deigns to help us set up our wireless network and check our email. He's passionate about preserving the earth, and providing people convenient and simple access to Fair Trade.