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ASHA Handicrafts Association

ASHA, meaning “hope” in Sanskrit, has brought just that to many artisans in India for over thirty years, promoting their social and economic welfare.

ASHA Handicrafts Association

Asha means “HOPE” in Sanskrit. Thousands of artisans and producer groups depend on Asha Handicrafts for assistance throughout India, from carpet weavers and paper mache makers in Kashmir, the Northern most part of India, to Kalamkari artisans of Andhra Pradesh in South India, to leather workers of Calcutta in the East, to tribal women of Gujarat in the West doing their ethnic embroidery on cotton, to the many other wood workers, brass workers, weavers, silver smiths etc. located all over different parts of India.

India, one of the largest handicraft producing countries in the World, offers an unlimited range of crafts and products. For centuries, India has been renowned for its rich silk fabrics, woodcarvings, carpets and ivory. The legendary handloom industry of India has boomed. However, all of these products of lasting beauty and value are often produced in conditions of abject poverty, for the craftsmen are nearly always being exploited by the moneylenders.

During the last few decades the condition of artisans have began to progress. Through the introduction of NGOs, growing international awareness, and supportive financial institutions, the standards of living for some of the most underprivileged and impoverished communities of people are improving.

Sustainability in a wider context is the aim of Asha Handicrafts. A network of producer groups across the country now look to Asha Handicrafts both for marketing support and for overcoming difficulties they face during production processes. Their work is necessary and powerful, and Trade as One is proud to have them as a partner.

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