Our mission is to use fair trade to promote sustainable business and break cycles of poverty and dependency in the developing world. We all have a conscience. We want to make sure people get the chance to use it when they shop.


Fair trade seeks to transform the lives of poor producers in the developing world by enabling them to use their skills and resources to work their way out of poverty. Our experience has been that the poor dont want handouts — they want jobs.


We live in a world with two crises. The first is the crisis of extreme poverty that affects much of the developing world. The second is the crisis of meaning brought about by vacuous consumerism that has left much of the developed world with a different sort of poverty. We believe Fair Trade is a way to alleviate both.


Our story is of people from different parts of the world, deciding that they want to see consumer spending used to fix problems instead of create them. We passionately believe that dignified job creation is the only long term way to break cycles of poverty.


Were diverse, were dedicated, were experienced, were in love (with the idea of a business that brings people together and makes the world look more like the one we think will one day arrive).